Saturday, May 17, 2008

Turn on, browse web. Nothing in between.

Have you ever (or haven't you always, to be precise) turned on your computer wanting to check your mail, read some news or just browse internet, and wondered if you can just turn it on like a TV and do those things????? I have. and i bet almost every one of you have. It is just a pain in the butt to wait for the computer with all other software to boot-up, just to browse internet.

Well, last year asus introduced a linux OS embedded right in-to the motherboard, which will kick in as soon as you hit the power button of the computer. But the problem was that you had to spend a quite a bit of a fortune to get such a motherboard like p5E3 deluxe (300$!!!). So yeah, that was definitely not for the average user, who actually is going to use that feature a lot.

But here comes the best part. Asus just announced that they will be incorporating Splashtop( or express-gate as Asus call it,) in all their mainstream motherboards, giving the budget customers the ability to use their computers just as web browsers when they want, without having to wait and without worrying about power the full news here.

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