Monday, September 6, 2010

Facebook Stupidity..!!

We all are familiar with how stupid can people can act when it comes to social networking sites. Or put it better, how effective social networking sites are in revealing people's stupidity, examples are ample, ranging from Justin Beiber to Sara Palin.
Yet, this one Facebook page will show you the ignorance of about 100 people, and heyy, I have nothing against you guys calling them and asking them what their IQs are..!!

Calling them?? yeah, check this out, (need to sign into facebook)

This stupid girl exposed not only her PIN number, but every other friend who was noetically challenged enough to put their phone number on a public facebook event page.

here are the pics of the page for people who are smart enough(??) not to have a facebook page.


Anonymous said...

Sharing on Facebook your daily activities may expose your private life to others, so if you feel that you’ve some stupidity don’t let it strikes all our walls; you will be surprised how effective social networking sites are in revealing people's stupidity.
plz check this out and you'll know how much your facebook friends are stupid :

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This is a very big problem.

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