Monday, December 19, 2011

Installing Joomla on iPage: Database Configuration

As I talked about on my previous post, installing Joomla on iPage needs a couple of simple extra steps. The next of those will be to configure the Joomla database.

1. Go to mySql databases page and create a new database.

2. After you are done with that, the Manage databases tab should show the newly created database. On the right side click on the generate code button. Now you will see the information you need to enter on the Joomla installation.

And Voila, you should be on your way to finish... Good Luck.


Initialnetworks said...

Well this explain wud help to override an existing design,am gana creat my dbase and istal joomla template i need them i jus add my data base info.

Thankz for this explanation.

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