Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Intel retailedge - Y510 is 2.0GHz

So I sent a mail to retailedge support team, asking why the site state that the Y510 with T5750 is running at 1.83GHz, and why dont we have a Penryn this time. Here was the reply (including the original mail i sent).

"Hello *******,

Thank you for contacting the Intel(R) Retail Edge Program team.

We sincerely apologize for the delay in responding. For the upcoming Big Deal Lenovo* laptop, the included card does not support Wireless N. However, you are correct that it should have been 2GHZ rather then 1.83GHZ. This information has been updated on the site.

In regards to your final question, while this specific model is not Penryn based, I have forwarded your request on to Program management for consideration in future promotions.


Corey S.
The Intel(R) Retail Edge Program team

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Program Member Message:
Hi, the Y510 laptop specification says that it Runs at 1.83GHz. But the Intel site says that T5750 is clocked at 2.0GHz....
Which is true? or is it underclocked????

Also, We had so much hope for a penryn this time..!!!!! cant you guys do anything to make that laptop a penryn???
because at newegg, the laptop with T5550 is only 100$ less than the one with T8100(yeah im talking about Y510). So even if the laptop was 100$ more, We definitely pay that for a penryn!!!!!!

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Well, did you see anything funny??? (besides that they are 'going to consider' giving a penryn next time when they will have released the new nehalem)??

if not, the reply has somthing about wireless N. But I never mention anything about wireless in my mail. They must be tired (possibly exhausted) with emails...!!!

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pyrex said...

Yes that is sad and true. When they do offer the Pen. Procs, Nehalems will be months ahead out.