Saturday, October 17, 2015

Thinkpad Yoga 14 with OpenSUSE

I bought my first Yoga 13 few years back, and have enjoyed both the laptop and Lenovo support. However, a laptop with a “real” tablet mode was always some thing I really wanted, and when I saw the Thinkpad Yoga 14 only for 849$, that was a dream come true.
The laptop itself is a great device. It looks professional, the keyboard is exceptional, screen, solidity and everything is much better than most laptops you can get under 1000$. The best part, however, is it’s digitizer screen. I wouldn’t dwell too much on the laptop however, so let’s look at the installation on OpenSUSE.
I installed the “OpenSUSE LEAP 42.1 Milestone 1” a while back, and it’s been working quite well. However, trying to test an pre-beta version with a new computer, and trying to update frequently is bound to give problems. And given the RC1 recently came out, I decided to re-install, and hence the blogpost.

Disk Setup

I installed two SSD’s on the TPY14. One for /home and /work (or something of the sort —/cuore in my case), the other for the OS. This setup has helped me keep my Documents, Music and school/work related files while also giving me the freedom to play around with different OSs.
sda -
sda1 -> FAT -> /boot/efi - for EFI Boot
sda2 -> BtrFS -> / - Root partition. I have loved snapshots in BtrFS. There might be some minor hickups, but I think it’s great specially if you want stability not compromised while testing new things.
sda3 -> swap
sdb -
sdb1 -> BtrFS -> /home - Home
sdb2 -> BtrFS -> /cuore - WORK


Few adjustments I made to the installation process might not be really necessary, but they were,
  1. Added online repositories,
  2. Configured wireless,
  3. Added some extra patterns that I knew I will use,
I should note that the wireless worked out of the box. It did complain I didn’t set it up few times along the way even though I had, but just pressing next in the network setup step again seemed to work.
Installation went without hick-ups, though, there were some crash reports when the desktop first loaded. But I guess it’s still RC1, so cannot complain.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Installing Joomla on iPage: Database Configuration

As I talked about on my previous post, installing Joomla on iPage needs a couple of simple extra steps. The next of those will be to configure the Joomla database.

1. Go to mySql databases page and create a new database.

iPage Joomla Installation: Enabling configuration.php

iPage provides one of the cheapest web hosting plans, and that is, with a lot of other goodies. Their cheapest plan ~2.95$ per month, support Wordpress out of the box, they don't list support directly for Joomla. However, if you want to install Joomla, you can do it manually, and I will list some simple bloacks you might come across.

Enabling configuration.php

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Find phone numbers from facebook?

Yes, since I last posted about people using facebook to announce that they need the phone numbers of their friends, I found thousands of those pages, PUBLIC SHARED EVENT pages, on facebook. They consist of 10s of thousands of phone numbers. obviously, if someone wants to exploit all of them, you just need a facebook account and a decent programming skills...!!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Facebook Stupidity..!!

We all are familiar with how stupid can people can act when it comes to social networking sites. Or put it better, how effective social networking sites are in revealing people's stupidity, examples are ample, ranging from Justin Beiber to Sara Palin.
Yet, this one Facebook page will show you the ignorance of about 100 people, and heyy, I have nothing against you guys calling them and asking them what their IQs are..!!

Calling them?? yeah, check this out, (need to sign into facebook)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Installing XP OEM with a Retail key or Retail with an OEM Key

Well, after almost about two months, i finally got a chance to write a small post...

Last week I got a computer to install XP on it. But the XP CD was missing. I had only the box with the CD key. Eventhough I had XP Home OEM versions I could not use them since they do not accept retail version keys. I had to dig a little deep to find a way to install that. And finally it worked.

It is a very easy edit, yet not something that is guaranteed to work.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Intel retailedge - Y510 is 2.0GHz

So I sent a mail to retailedge support team, asking why the site state that the Y510 with T5750 is running at 1.83GHz, and why dont we have a Penryn this time. Here was the reply (including the original mail i sent).