Monday, June 2, 2008

Intel retailedge 2008 - thwarted hopes..!!

Well, all Retailedge members must have been thinking about great new stuff with the announcement of the **NEW** Intel Retailedge program. Everyone was exited to hear about two purchase programs and the inclusion of "Centrino platform", or in other words a laptop, to the event.

First, blowing out everyone's hopes, they announced two old kentsfield extreme series processors when the new yorkfield processors were sold at pretty much the same prices(infact, QX9650 is 5$ cheaper than QX6850 at newegg), yet we thought it is ok, since for 240$ that is a steal.
Then, On BIG June 2, here they reveal the specs of the Y510 laptop, in which everyone was hoping to see a penryn. But alas! it is just a crappy napa core-T5750 (Sorry, intel. but we are really disappointed), to add to the disappointment, the site states that processor is clocked at 1.83GHz (the original specs of T5750 is 2.0GHz, underclocked, maybe????). Yeah, Y510 is an awesome laptop. But with embedded graphics, and with the model with a penryn processor being less than 100$ more retail, We are not happy at all.

And thats not all. The store feature and the summer draw are great. But if you have to spend 20000 chips to get a leatherman "FUSE" tool, when most of the people actually have only around 15000-17500 chips accumulated over 6 months, That does not seem to be a good deal as well.

All in all, I would say Intel has thwarted our hopes. Lets wait for the November purchase program to get the Penryn!!!!.

Oh btw, How many chips you people have??? I have 20275.... pls comment.


Lance said...

Hey, yeah I was really surprised to see the old 65-nm Quads, but that is still a lot of power for me, I just think it is disappointing that they would put us through all the cooling trouble of a 3ghz old-school Quad. So there is another purchase program in November? I am really new and am saving up for my system, if there is a better system in November (when I will actually have my 1500$), I will definitely wait till then.

xcorat said...

Yeah there's going to be another purchase program in Nov/Dec. And I think then we will have the 45nm to purchase. Because, by then they will have nehalem over in the racks of the retail stores. But that might not be a Extreme series processor.

In the other hand, QX series is good only for overclocking and if you want to boast you have a 1000$ CPU running at xx.xxGHz...!!!! otherwise, even Q9450, which is just about 60$ more, will be better than QX6850. So yeah, that is not that a good deal. And yeah I'll wait for nov if i were you.

Lance said...

Thanks for the info, at first glance it seemed like one helluva deal, and I think there are still a lot of people that are impressed, but after shaking off the initial awe effect of 4+ghz OC, I always had it in the back of my mind that they would be putting out 45nm CPUs. Do you know if they went back to giving you 32-bit and 64-bit vista? Back when my brother got his setup a year ago he got a 1.78ghz Core 2 with 32-bit AND 64-bit Vista Ultimate, that's over a grand in OS's alone (though the CPU is weak)!

xcorat said...

You are talking about 2nd purachase program? (with the QX, they dont have any OS) well I dont know yet. But last year they gave a crappy motherboard (It's good, in certain ways!!) with the worst OS I have ever seen, (well, windows 3.1 was a tad little better than this!!) Vista HP. I pretty much threw it away and started using XP PRO x64...

I'd rather get a better processor without a mobo or OS, coz I pretty much use Ubuntu whenevr I dont have to do anything special (like programmin with VStudio..!). And Intel motherboards cannot be overclocked (X38 or X48 might be somthing to think about!!)