Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Open DNS servers down

Well I am an Open DNS user. But a couple of minutes ago, when I was tryin to access some web pages, it would just give connection error message. Well it turns out to be, that the openDNS servers are down. I changed my DNS settings to automatic and now it goes through att DNS servers (or whatever they point to).

Still I have good faith with openDNS. It gives you a plethora of features and stat reports. And an awsome tool on parental control. Since you block it directly from the DNS server, you dont have to worry about applying parental control to all the computers.

Hope it'll be back soon


Anonymous said...

2 nights in a row. whats making me made is if you look at their stats they dont even mention it. BOOOOOOO that BS don't lie to me

Anonymous said...

Yes it has happened to me as well I also have a OpenDNS account but it seems that the servers are down again. Had to go back to I IP's DNS server hope it comes back up soon.

cakarayam said...

Now we can also use Google Public DNS besides OpenDNS. Google said Google Public DNS could make surf the internet faster and more secure,,

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I use Google Open DNS, this is the best chooice.

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