Friday, May 2, 2008

Intel retailedge and Iron man.

Well, I was really surprised when I got the invitation for the Iron man screening, from Intel. The actual surprise was that the event date, May 1st, the day right before the official screening of the movie. And they were offering 2000 chips too, which indeed was tempting.

So, this is the trailer of the movie..

Movie, I would tell is Ok. It It seemed to me like they were trying to make it a big hit like The Transformers or Spider Man, by just putting some parts together by un-matching storyline. I mean movie really was cool. But it lacked the realistic feeling that you had with above-mentioned movies.
So, about the retailedge event, The reason I am writing this blog is, because at last they announced the 2008 purchase program bundle and the new Intel Retailedge (sorry, only if you are working at a retail electronics store!) ......

They have 2 purchase programs this year..!

One in June
Lenovo IdeaPad
Intel Centrino processor, 2GB, 160GB and Vista HP

One in November,
Rumors say that will be Intel Quad Core Xtreme processor, either QX6850 or QX9770.

And the new changes are exiting. They have four tier ranking system. Depending on how many chips you have earned after April 1st 2007, they will give you a badge.

<9 999 - Roadie,
10 000 - 14 999 - Producer,
15 000 - 19 999 - Moviestar,
20 000 < - Rockstar (Im a rockstar btw,)

Rockstars get to purchase first....!!


Anonymous said...

actually the lenovo y510 lappy and the Core 2 Extreme will be available bundles in June. So both products.

xcorat said...

Oh cool.......!! I didn't know that.!!

pyrex said...

i am a rockstar just like you. I got the ironman t-shirt that was included in the golden-rockstar bag. Cannot wait for the extreme core proc. After a rep was asked, looks like its going to be a QX96xx series. That processor is HAWT!

xcorat said...

Oh it actually is not a penryn!!!! damn I was hoping to get a penryn...! But they have announced the processor and thats a quad core extreme edition . In fact 2 of them. And the laptop, they haven't announced the processor inside. I hope at least that is a penryn!!!!

check diz out

pyrex said...

the skulltrail motherboard looks very dangerous! Having that mobo is an expensive hobbie especially using 2 45nm procs. thats $2000+ at least and probably requires high end memory too.

xcorat said...

Yeah, skulltrail will be an awsome platform. And yeah you need server type FB-DIMMs running at 800MHz and very reliable PSUs and stuff too.

And they overclocked it upto 6GHZ!!!!!!!!(,5208.html)

BUT to build that kind of a system you'll need around 5000$ (with Liquid Nitro cooling system) I dont think they wud come up with a game that need that much power in near future....!! Id wait..!!

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